I witnessed a drug deal today, actually not my first. It was in a gas station parking lot. My dad and I were just like “ooo you doin druuugs!” Then we were like “lol you are wasting money.”

I DID IT AGAIN: My Inaugural post


So I’m just going to get it out of the way and say:

I did it again.

I fucked up.

I’m addicted to something and now I’m living with the consequences of that addiction.

I’ve decided to begin this blog to help me on my road of recovery and perhaps become a cautionary tale.

You see, it all…


I’m sick and it’s so weird that the only thing I think about is how if I could drink everything would be okay and I wouldn’t get sick because alcohol kills germs.
My sponsor told me that I should journal everyday… That means daily text posts! (She says I’m going to have a lot of feelings I don’t understand because I’m so used to being numb all the time)


i am shaking. I’m depressed, my head hurts. im high. i have to work from 3:30-almost 11, its new years eve and all i want to do is have some fun and smile for once in a while… 


I’m afraid that if
I enjoy wine too much I’ll
Become a wine-o


Now, everybody get down , i just got out of rehab



I am just an addict

lost to the cycle 

twisted, and pained

I am just an addict

scared, bruised, bent

On my knees I scream

“Help me, for I

Need even the fuckin’ prick!”

in the moment of sanity

I realized

I am just an addict.